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Hi, everybody!



My name is Farah! I’m a girl in love with traveling. I come from Baltimore and I’m here to share my passion for not only traveling but good food, awesome places to eat and awesome things to do in different parts of the US. I recently decided to re-purpose my website into a somewhat of a travel diary, nay, a travel blog, since I started traveling a lot! I’ve visited Miami, Phoenix, Scottsdale and more! I firmly believe this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between me and you, the reader. But first, something about how it all began.

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AKIMBO was a place where my first passion came to be – dancing! Most of the things I wrote about were only the dancing events and Baltimore neighborhood in which I grew up.


AKIMBO was as much about the journey between the sites as it is about the experiences within. I encouraged readers to explore Station North Arts & Entertainment District and experience the neighborhood’s rich architecture, culture, restaurants, and community.


Station North is located in the heart of Baltimore. Spanning the communities of Charles North, Greenmount West, and Barclay, Station North is a diverse collection of artist live-work spaces, galleries, row homes, and businesses.


I’m not saying the rich Baltimore Light City Baltimore was not enough for my appetite. No, I would never say such a thing. The thing is that I met sooooooooooooo many people during the many dance events I participated in and those people became my friends. They came from different parts of the US and they invited me to visit them.

I just could NOT share those experiences with you. So, here you will be reading about many places I visited, read restaurant reviews and so much more. Everything I experience will be neatly divided into these sections.

  • This time I want to review Norvell Tanning because, honestly, it was a life saver. This is why. I went on a date. Great music, good food, interesting conversation – I enjoyed all of these just a couple of weeks ago. It was the perfect date. That is until I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and realized the lace on......

  • I’ve been wanting to get to Phoenix for quite some time now, I have a couple of friends who moved there a few months back and needed to visit them as they have been saying what a buzz it is, with all of its shopping, nightlife and great places to eat! I just had to try ramen in Phoenix , everybody recommended it.......

  • Last month I visited Lincoln Road on South Beach to meet with some friends. Since I come to Florida every now and then, I try to be as systematic as possible when I choose new places to visit, to eat and for shopping. Our journey (yours and mine, dear readers) begins, at Lincoln Road restaurants , full of colorful people and amazing dishes.......