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Bars in Manhattan With the Best View

Manhattan is considered the center of New York. It exudes culture, elegance, glamour, and contemporary architecture. While it encompasses the best NYC has to offer it also has a selection of amazing rooftop bars. These locations bring their guests a few steps closer to fully experiencing the Big Apple.

Pod 39 Rooftop

Located at the Pod Hotel this lounge has a great view of the Freedom Tower and the Empire State Building. This is a casual and laid back place where you can have a cool drink comfortably. This is a beautiful spot with a Mexican aesthetic to it. The drinks are also Mexican-inspired. This place counts as one of the most affordable spots of this type. What is more, they can accommodate a great number of people.

Cloud Social

This location also offers an amazing view of the World Trade Center or, rather, the Freedom Tower and Empire State. Cloud Social also falls into the category of affordable and has great happy hour options on the daily. They have a large lounge area but also provide guests with some more intimate spots on the balcony.

Top of the Strand

This rooftop bar is neighboring to the Empire State Building which is amazing in itself. This is a more sophisticated and glamorous spot. Most of its patrons are young people. They offer some specialty drinks along with the stunning view.

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High Bar

At High Bar, you can fully experience New York from a new perspective. You will be astounded to find a 360-degree view of the city on the 37th floor. This  Rooftop Bar in Manhattan also has a one of a kind cocktail menu and offers delicious small plates. Enjoy the view over the Hudson River, Freedom Tower, Empire State, and Lady Liberty. You can access the rooftop if they can accommodate you at that moment. What is more, find out what kind of special events they organize on the regular. 

St. Cloud Times Square

This place is for all of you who have a somewhat more expensive taste. If you are going to St. Cloud Times Square, you can count on spending more than you bargained for. They have a breathtaking view of Times Square but as we said – everything comes with a price. It is designed in a contemporary fashion and is deemed very fancy. They offer indoor and outdoor seating and sometimes arrange live music at the bar.


Located at the Times Square this is a representation of authentic New York. They offer a panoramic view of the city with some tasty classic cocktails. They accommodate people through every season and have a modern design. They have delicious food and drinks with experts behind bars. They make cocktails just the way you like them. There is a selection of great small plates to go with the drinks and the view.

The Press Lounge

The Press Lounge is a Manhattan gem but falls into the category of more expensive. They have a panoramic view, luxurious design, seasonal cocktails, and good service.

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