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A Daycation to Lincoln Road on South Beach

Last month I visited Lincoln Road on South Beach to meet with some friends. Since I come to Florida every now and then, I try to be as systematic as possible when I choose new places to visit, to eat and for shopping. Our journey (yours and mine, dear readers) begins, at Lincoln Road restaurants, full of colorful people and amazing dishes. Why? you ask. Let me tell you more about my daycation. It wasn’t early coz I’m not a morning person. Let’s be blunt and just say it was almost time for lunch. While I waited for my friends to arrive I bought myself a Latte Macchiato semi forte at Nespresso Boutique Bar on Lincoln Road. Obviously, when they arrived they wanted to eat. Coz, as I already mentioned it was time for lunch!

The Best Lincoln Road Restaurant

Balans lincoln road restaurant

Looking for the best restaurant in any part of Miami is no mean feat. So, instead of browsing the pages full of suggestions I let my friends Marc and Patricia decide. And they JUST recently found this amazing place Balans Restaurant on Lincoln Road. Since they already ate here, I suggested we all order something they haven’t tried. I wanted to taste several dishes without biting off more than I can chew…LITERALLY. This was our lunch (which I wholeheartedly recommend):

Spare ribs (slow roasted pork ribs with bourbon-BBQ sauce)

Balans Burger (brioche bun, premium beef blend, chipotle remoulade, bibb lettuce, tomato, cheddar, signature bacon-onion marmalade, fries, Sriracha mayonnaise)

Yours truly
Indonesian noodles with shrimp (egg noodles, carrots, cabbage, scallions, peanuts, sweet soy sauce)

Art and Fun on Lincoln Road

If you’ve ever followed Akimbo adventures, you know I’m a sucker for street art, paintings, music…well, art in general. Patricia and Marc already planned to take me to a place that I’ll love. They took me to Art Center – Richard Shack Gallery. One of the best things about this studio is that you can see some of the artists at work. You can also request free postcards of their work. It’s one of the featured exhibitions by Art Center South Florida. They have something for everyone. One of their recent installations is called The Recalibrated Institution. Check them out!


My friends are so kind. I love my friends. And they love me and are definitely familiar with my shopping habits. Since they didn’t wanna bother me with walking around Lincoln Road to find all the small shopping stores, they recommended Lincoln Road Shopping Mall. Since I was in Miami, I was in need of some quality beach clothing. And that’s why I opted for Superdry (their address is 646 Lincoln Road – thank me later). Their clothing line fuses vintage Americana and Japanese-inspired graphics with a British style… Perfect for an AKIMBO girl like me.

lincoln road mall

Bottoms up!

It was high time we drank something and toast this wonderful friendship. I wanted something different… Something electrifying. And that’s what I got. Marc has this place that he loves going to and it was in the Lincoln Road Mall. He took us to the high tech Haven gastro lounge where we had a couple of cocktails. I had 2 Coconut Martinis. It’s because I love coconut milk and it’s refreshing, but not too sweet. Don’t follow my advice. I’m not a good drinker. Get what you like. Well, to be honest, I would have gotten really drunk If I had another one. I was drinking responsibly and stuck with two. However, the tech Haven bar is the advice you should definitely follow. You’ll feel like you’re at a rave…but in a more elegant way.

Final thoughts – Lincoln Road, brace yourself!

I loved it! From the Lincoln Road restaurant Balans to the Haven bar. I couldn’t believe how many things I managed to see in one day. Shout out to Patricia and Marc for making it all possible! And you readers, expect Lincoln Road journey Part 2. There are so many more things to see.

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