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Norvell Spray Tan Gave me a Boost in Confidence

This time I want to review Norvell Tanning because, honestly, it was a life saver. This is why. I went on a date. Great music, good food, interesting conversation – I enjoyed all of these just a couple of weeks ago. It was the perfect date. That is until I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and realized the lace on my white top had turned orange. A giant stain spread over my neckline, and splotches of color were all around my armpits. Of course, I made up an excuse and ran as fast as my heels could take me.

That was the night I threw my tanning spray into the trash and grabbed a Norvell tanning solution in the hopes it would make my skin a dazzling bronze instead of making me look like I had a rotten pumpkin explode all over my clothes.

Here’s My Norvell Spray Tan Review

First, the smell. Norvell’s scent is really something else! I could smell the sweet, fruity perfume or ages.

After nice, log exfoliating session, I was ready to apply Norvell. Since the spray tan has a smooth, mousse texture, the application itself was smooth and easy. Don’t be scared of the dark color of the mousse, once you put it on your skin, and when it’s dry, you’ll get a nice bronze.

I suggest you use gloves when you apply the solution – no matter how experienced you are at tanning, sometimes you just can’t avoid unwanted staining. Be careful with potential dripping or stray sprays too, any spray tan can stain a carpet or a couch, so make sure you minimize your chances of unwanted stains.

norvell spray tan reviewThe colorant guide for Norvell tanning solution was really helpful, as always. Put it against your skin to make sure you have the color you want. Of course, re-apply and rub wherever necessary. If you noticed you missed a spot, you can dip a gloved finger in the solution and spread it gently on the spot. This has always worked for me and helped me color all the tricky spots.

The drying time was pretty standard, between half an hour and an hour. I did feel somewhat sticky during the drying time, but any spray tanning solution would do that for you, and Norvell is no exception.

After I was done, I avoided looking at the mirror – after the horror of my previous spray tan, it was pretty difficult to trust another one. But, finally, the moment I did, I was so relieved – no orangeness! And not only that, but the color was not what I expected. I wanted a sun kissed tan, something light that would imply I spent a week or so under a soft sun, but what I got was so much better!

The color of my skin was more like ‘I just got back from the Caribbean’ – a deep, though natural bronze I immediately liked. I think of myself as pretty light skinned, I think I am anyway, but even Norvell’s deep bronze looks natural to me! Sometimes you don’t know you needed something until you got it, right?

With my Norvell bronze on, I felt my shoulders straighten and my mouth spread into a smile. It was just what I needed, a confidence booster!

All in all, Norvell spray tan is a perfect fit for me. From the moment I opened the bottle and applied the mousse to my skin, to a nice surprise when it dried off. I love love love the color I got!

Okay, I have another date tonight and with Norvell, I feel more confident than usual. Fingers crossed!

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