The Politics of Fashion

Fashion is a form of art which draws its inspiration from the mundane. It is inspired by the human shape, the coloring of nature, and the historical events of the world. It is reflected in the aesthetic approach to the ideas of dressing up on the daily.

Natural Elements in Fashion

When you think about pieces you deem impossible to complement and combine you can always think of nature. This can be helpful for most fashion dilemmas.

Say you have a pair of bright coral shoes and you’re thinking “Well this is no good to me. It can’t be used.” You better think again. Just think of where that coral shade can be found in nature. There is probably a big chance that you immediately think of the seaside. Coral reefs, the dark blue sea, and the greenery are images which inevitably come to mind. In this context, the coral color is beautifully combined and accentuated.

Consider using this picture to come up with an outfit which resembles the color palette found in nature. Think of some dark jeans and a dark green sweater. Or a coral orange blouse with some beige bell bottom pants. It is useful to think of such things and use nature as inspiration. Let’s face it, aesthetically – nature is rarely wrong.

Environmental Consciousness

With the growing interest in environmental issues, aesthetic clothing has evolved and reached a new and exciting stage. More fashion designers are making a statement by using recycled materials for creating lines which remind us of environmental issues. Reusable materials are the new trend everybody wants in on.

They also create pieces which are eco-friendly and serve a purpose. For example, the growing trend of tote bags is one such instance. It evokes the idea of reducing the usage of plastic bags which are known to be harmful to the environment.

Also, using eco-friendly materials not only boost their popularity but have a powerful influence on the entire fashion industry. Since this business is a competitive one it is imperative for designers to be up to date. They can’t be falling behind on trends such as this one or they’ll become forgotten in no time.

eco friendly fashion

Fashion as a Weapon

In the 21st century, clothes, looks, and outfits are used to portray a political stance more than ever before. To wear a certain piece means to group yourself with like-minded people and showcase a collective idea.

For example, think of this year’s Golden Globes. This event was marked by celebrities respecting the black dress code which symbolizes the solidarity for victims of sexual abuse. This statement has made a distinction between the political perspectives celebrities have made. The more liberal and conscious ones were obviously inclined to wear all black while some others protested the dress code.

In other words, today’s media frenzy, the cult of celebrity, and fashion-forward thinking has made way for politics and fashion to make a new mixture. There is nothing trendier than mixing politics and fashion.

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