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Visiting Downtown Phoenix

I’ve been wanting to get to Phoenix for quite some time now, I have a couple of friends who moved there a few months back and needed to visit them as they have been saying what a buzz it is, with all of its shopping, nightlife and great places to eat! I just had to try ramen in Phoenix, everybody recommended it. I only had a limited time to do so though, so I had to prepare myself and pack a lot into one long day!

Many young women find it intimidating heading to a new city they’ve not been to before, but even though I was meeting up with friends, I felt very safe once I arrived at the bus station! I had to wait around for 10-15 minutes as my friends were late picking me up, going to have to make that time back up somewhere!

Art in Phoenix

We decided first off to visit an Art Museum that I’d been wanting to go to and the great thing is, my friends hadn’t been to it yet either, so we headed on over to the Phoenix Art Musem. It’s only $18 to get in and well worth it for the amount they have on offer, with collections of art from all over the world, including modern art and a photography section. If you love art, this is a great place to check out, we spent roughly 2 hours here, but it was time to get some lunch, so we headed on out.

Restaurants in Downtown Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix has many great places to eat, 2 of the most popular types of food here are Italian and Ramen. We figured, why not both, I couldn’t leave without having Ramen in Phoenix, but I wanted to save this for dinner, later on, so first it was off to ‘Nook Kitchen’ for some Italian food! There is so much to choose from, but I ended up going with some Funghi. For those that have never tried it, it’s very good if cooked correctly, but don’t bother if it’s not an authentic Italian restaurant as they probably won’t cook it well!

To my surprise, they also serve cocktails! Who doesn’t love a cheeky cocktail at lunch? Anyway, after having finished eating (it was fantastic by the way!) we decided to go out as I wanted to see what the shopping was like down here. Can never have too many shoes and clothes… right?

Biltmore Fashion Park

As we didn’t have long to fit all this in, we decided to just head to an outlet mall, the Biltmore Fashion Park in Phoenix. Given its name, it is home to lots of great fashion shops, including Macy’s, Ralph and Waterworks. Having hammered the credit card in a short space of time, 3 dresses, 2 pairs of shoes and a handbag later, it was time to think about heading out for the evening.

ramen in phoenix

Back to eating! Dinner Reservations at Noodle Bar

We had a dinner reservation at the ‘Noodle Bar’ which as I have found out is the best place to get ramen in Phoenix! I had the Torigara Ramen which I had never tried before, it comes with pork chashu and roasted corn. 10/10 would have it again in a heartbeat!

Heading out for the evening now, we wanted something classy and some great music so my friends recommended visiting ‘Lost Leaf’. It’s host to some great live bands and the place is decorated well with some great artwork! Of course, one of the most important bits, more great cocktails to finish off the evening!

That’s it, my day was over already. I’m definitely going back sometime soon, next time will be for a few days though as it’s tough to see a lot in the time I had. Can’t wait to get back here and see some more of the sights of the city! Until next time, Phoenix.

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