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What Are Vehicle Subscription Services?

Do you want to own a car for some period of time and the return it and take another one? Do you need a car for a short period of the year? There is a way for you to be a car owner and then to return the car, something like a car rental service.

How is this different from car leasing? Well, we will get to that, but first, let’s talk about vehicle subscription in general.

What Is Vehicles Subscription?

This car service began relatively late in comparison with other similar services. This can be due to the fact that most people bought their cars and had no intention to share it with someone else. Over time as the urban jungle grew in size peoples needs for cars became different. And the trends are changing even as I write this.

The vehicles subscription service began life in 2014 as a Kickstarter campaign. They made an alternative to the car conscription services that exist and offer lighter terms of use and payment schedule that a lot of customers have found useful.

These companies have a lot of cars in stock, when you go into their office you ask for a car and you either say how long you think you will use it or estimate an approximate period of time that you will need with the car. Then you take the car and use it as if it was your own, if in the period when you are using the car you feel like you want a new one there is no problem you can go back to the office and request that they change the car for you.


Besides offering a flexible payment plan and an opportunity to change cars and the period of time you want to use it some of the companies also offer additional services like car insurance and other types of methods for safeguarding your health on the road. They also don’t limit what location or in what city you can use the car.

The Difference

When people hear of this service they often say that it is like leasing. This is true, there are a lot of similarities. But, the major difference is in the fact that leasing services offer strict terms, a payment schedule and generally they are more useful to companies than to individuals.

On the other hand, traditional car rental services exist for a long time. They, however, offer their service for a short period of time, and sometimes even restrict the use of the vehicles in certain periods of the day. Besides this, they are meant for urban settings and not a lot of companies will allow you to use their cars outside the zone they determine.

These are the reasons why this new service is catching on so fast, the flexibility they offer is something most people who don’t own cars but need them cannot resist. Look these places up maybe there is one near you.

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